Grant for Brazilian Film Distribution

The Cinema do Brasil Program, through its partnership with APEX-Brasil, has announced the 7th edition of the International Distribution Support Award, which will provide support for the distribution of Brazilian films produced by member-companies to be screened in international cinemas.

Applications for 2015 can be made within two timeframes:

• 1st phase: February 7 to May 31 (results announced in the second half of June)
• 2nd phase: July 1 to October 25 (results announced in mid-November)

Each distributor located outside the Brazilian territory may apply for up to US$ 25,000 to release one or more Brazilian films within their own territories and these funds may only be used to cover expenses in commercialization (prints and advertising – P&A), in accordance with the available budget of Cinema Do Brasil and the number of submitted projects.

The film must not have been released prior to the time of application and the documents to be submitted must include the contracts that prove acquisition of the rights by the distributor for the associated member of Cinema do Brasil, whose membership situation must be up-to-date and in full compliance with the Program. Proof of full payment for the Guaranteed Minimum will also be required.


Applications will be subject to analysis by a commission made up of members of the Program and industry professionals, taking into account a combination of the following criteria:

• Release proposal
• Distributor portfolio
• Territory
• Budget suitability
• Previous support provided to the distributor, film, or production company associated with Cinema do Brasil.

It is important to emphasise that Cinema do Brasil may suggest budget adjustments for the proposals submitted, in order to include the largest possible number of releases within the year.

Further information can be found at:

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