A Brazilian drama, “The Moving Creatures” will open Friday, September 11th, at Cinema Village. The film is not a documentary, but the director, Caetano Gotardo, was inspired in real life stories discovered in the Brazilian media to create three different accounts of mothers facing the loss of their sons (or a reencounter). Even though they go through tragic events, the narrative offers them the opportunity to exist beyond these experiences. They all find in music a powerful tool to heal and recreate their lives.

“ The Moving Creatures” was an official selection at the Miami International Film Festival” and won Best Actress (Cida Moreira0) and Best Film (Fiction) award at Berlin’s Latin American Film Festival. Caetano Gotardo will be at Cinema Village on Friday and Saturday night for a Q&A with the public.

“The Moving Creatures” is the second film of the Brazilian Film Series that has been showing (from August to December), a selection of promising and acclaimed productions that reveal important aspects of Brazil’s contemporary history. The thoughtful project is the result of a partnership between the New York based Brazilian company, Cinema Slate, and Cinema Tropical, the leading distributor of Latin-american films in the US. The complete program is listed below:


  • “I Touched all Your Stuff’ – New York opening: August 28th  Where: Cinema Village
  • ” Moving Creatures” – New York opening: September 11th      Where: Cinema Village
  • “ Hard Labor” – New York Opening: Screening dates soon     Where: Cinema Village
  • “Casa Grande” – New York Opening: Screening dates soon  Where: Cinema Village
  • “ Sunday Ball” – New York Opening: Screening dates soon   Where: Cinema Village

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