A Brazilian drama, “Hard Labor”, will open on Friday, October 30th, at Cinema Village. It tells the story of a couple’s economic hardship, a common reality for the middle-class in Brazil. Just when Helena (Helena Albergaria) gets ready to open her own business, a grocery store, her  husband, Otavio (Marat Descartes), is fired from a stable job in an insurance company. As Otávio goes through a series of job interviews (and is forced to re-invent himself for a new job market), Helena’s business struggles to take off. As the pressure on her mounts, the enthusiasm for a better future gives way to a dark, pervasive doom. To make things worse, she discovers that one of the building’s brick walls seems to be crumbling. Helena begins to wonder if that may be the cause of all her problems.
“Hard Labor” is the third film of the Brazilian Film Series (from August to December), a selection of promising and acclaimed productions that reveal important aspects of Brazil’s contemporary history. The thoughtful project is the result of a partnership between the New York based Brazilian company, Cinema Slate, and Cinema Tropical, the leading distributor of Latin-american films in the US.

The directors – Marco Dutra and Luciana Rojas – will be at Cinema Village on Friday (October 30th) and Saturday (October 31st) after the 7:05 PM screening for a Q&A with the public.

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The complete Brazilian Series Program is listed below:

  • “I Touched all Your Stuff’ – New York opening: August 28th  Where: Cinema Village
  • ” Moving Creatures” – New York opening: September 11th      Where: Cinema Village
  • “ Hard Labor” – New York Opening: October 30th. Where: Cinema Village
  • “Casa Grande” – New York Opening: Screening dates soon  Where: Cinema Village
  • “ Sunday Ball” – New York Opening: Screening dates soon   Where: Cinema Village


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