The exhibition “NY-BR”  has just inaugurated at the Brazilian Consulate’s lobby (225 East 41st Street) and will be on view until April 29th. The artist, Matheus Barros, explores the ties between Brazil and New York City through images that combine various elements and techniques: traditional painting, photography, digital composing and procedural fractal generation. By bringing to the canvas visual references and landmarcs from both places, the artist invites the public to engage in his own views and perceptions on the theme Brazil-New York.  A special focus is given to places and buildings that are part of the history of the Consulate-General of Brazil in New York.

About the artist: With a major degree in Graphic Design, Matheus Barros works with media projects (digital and print). His interdisciplinary project “Sertão das Cotias” has been selected for the acclaimed “Eletronic Language Intenational Festival”(FILE). Matheus has widened his experience in the field of information technology through courses and residencies in major institutions abroad, such as Autodesk,  SAGA and AXIS School of Visual Effects. Matheus Barros already spent 3 years in Stockholm (Sweden) and 4 months in San José (California). He currently lives in São José dos Campos , SP, Brazil



Tela07 Tela06 Tela05 Tela04 Tela03 Tela02  Tela17 Tela16 Tela15 Tela11 Tela10 Tela09 Tela08


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