The acclaimed Japanese artist, Mariko Mori, has just announced in New York the donation of a permanent installation to Rio de Janeiro that will be officially inaugurated on August 2nd, a few days before the opening  of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  The new work will feature a luminous acrylic ring suspended at the peak of the waterfall  “Véu da Noiva” or “Veil of the Bride”, in Mangaratiba (Rio de Janeiro) and was meticulously planned to absorb the colors of nature according to the incidence of sun light. The giant sculpture, entitled ““Ring: One With Nature”, is part of a global project created by Mariko Mori that aims to use the power of art to promote environmental awareness around the world through site specific art works in each of six continents. Besides Brazil and Japan – where the installation “Primay Rythm” is in progress in Okinawa – the other countries that will receive her gift are:  USA/Canada (border), Switzerland, Australia and South Africa. In Mariko’s vision, the installation “Ring: One with Nature” represents the sixth Olympic ring, “a symbol of harmony between man and nature”.

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