The Brazilian artist duo “Os Gêmeos” are well known to  NYC’s street-art scene.  The twin brothers  have already painted a few graffiti murals throughout the city and, last year, their work gained an unprecedented  exposure when it was displayed on the billboards of Times Square for the multimedia show “Midnight Moment”. In a few days,  however, New Yorkers  will have the chance to interact with their magical world of dreams, fantasies and Brazilian folklore  in a more intimate, indoor setting.

The artists have transformed multiple rooms of the gallery Lehman Maupin (Chelsea) into an immersive installation that combines diverse mediums  with the purpose of offering to the public a  multi-sensory experience.  Although various elements are on display – drawing, painting, collage, mixed media sculpture – this site specific exhibition, called Silence of the Music,  pays tribute to music in particular. Included in their “B-Boy” room are boom box paintings—canvases with embedded speakers that play tracks linked to the imagery on the canvas—and interactive sculptures that play LP records. Regarded as a total work of art, the show follows the same concept of a previous one held at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, in 2012.


Where: Galery Lehmann Maupin

When: September 8 – October 22

Opening Reception:  September 8 ( Thursday), 6:00 Pm- 8:00 PM

More Info:


os-gemeos-4 os_gemeos_hd3

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