Belinda Tellez

The fourth and last edition of the pop-up photo exhibition “Subject Matters”, curated by Juliana Leandra, will be presented at Double 6 Studio (Brooklyn) this weekend  (Nov 19 and 20).  The show follows the same format from the previous ones. Six photographers, most of them Brazilians, are asked to create their unique visual and written responses for the question “Why Subject Matters?” The photographers exhibiting their personal projects are Belinda Téllez, Bruno Feder, Charlie Kitchen, Demian Jacob, Fran Parente, José Cabaço

Duration: July 30 – 31

Opening Reception: November 19 (5:00 – 9:00 PM)

Location: Double 6 Studio ( )

66 Green Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222



José Cabaço

Demian Jacob

Charlie Kitchen

Bruno Feder

Fran Parente


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