Fernanda Carvalho

“Resilience”, a  group exhibition of five young Brazilian female artists who reside in New York, opens December 8th, at Emma Thomas Gallery (Opening Reception from 6:00 – 8:00 PM). Fernanda Carvalho, Liana Nigri, Liene Bosquê, Maíra Senise and Vitoria Hadba have created works that relate to a common experience: the endurance of living in a foreign country, while nurturing a commitment to art. The show brings artworks in different forms and formats (painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photography) bound together by a piece written by the artist Courtney Smith that incorporates fragments of accounts solicited from each participant. “Resilience” is curated by Juliana Leandra.


What: Exhibition Resilience by Brazilian artists Fernanda Carvalho, Liana Nigri, Liene Bosquê, Maria Senise and Vitoria Hadba.  Curated by Juliana Leandra

Where: Emma Thomas NYC (Manhattan) (319 Grand Street, 5th Floor)

When: December 8 – January 11 – Opening reception: December 8, from 6:00 Pm until 9:00 PM

More info: http://www.dreambox.nyc/resilience


Maira Senise


Liene Bosquê


Liana Nigri


Vitoria Hadba




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