By Gisela Gueiros (Curator)

Fernanda Feher’s paintings, drawings and collages are intimate and surreal. Maybe they are surreal because they are intimate – and reach deep into her most fantastical memories. The nomadic life – from São Paulo, to New York, to Lisbon – has given her enough ingredients to fill in the blanks of solitude with creatures great and small: pink monsters, large fishes, bees, snakes or a cat.

What brings extra magic to her whimsical compositions is the sense that we are always safe in her imagination. Sometimes we are in nature, where the foliage is sultry and the snakes and other animals are enchanting. Sometimes we feel at home, protected by the walls of architecture, such as in Matisse’s paintings. It is a peculiar visual sensibility, but inviting not frightening.

Her imagery is, in a way, handed down. Feher is the grandaughter of Lily Sverner, a surrealist photographer, born in Belgium, and raised in Brazil after fleeing the Nazis. Reflecting on her grandmother’s recent passing she asked herself “Why do some people stand tall in our memory and some just fade?”

While describing her work, Feher pinpoints the notion that nothing is permanent, nothing belongs to us, and there is no right or wrong way to go. This fearlessness bleeds through her images and touches our hearts. Just watch her be.


What: Pop Up Show “Gardening at Night” with works by the Brazilian artist Fernanda Feher – Curated by Gisela Gueiros

Where: Lazy Susan Gallery  (191 Henry Street)

When: December 9, from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM

More Info: http://lazysusan.nyc/


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