Bale Folclórico da Bahia will be at the Lehman Center this Sunday, January 19th, as part of its tour of the United States. This professional folk company from Salvador, the capital of the northern state of Bahia, was formed in 1988 by Walson Botelho and Ninho Reis with the mission of promoting the region’s rich African dance culture. The 32-member group of dancers, musicians, and singers perform slave dances, capoeira, samba, carnival  and is renowned  for its fiery, intense dancing and unstoppable energy.

The troup has a long record of international appearances, having performed in nearly a hundred US cities since its debut, in 1995. The highlight of the season is the performance “Herança Sagrada – A Corte de Oxalá”.

More Info about the Sunday performance

February, 19th 4:00 PM @ Concert Hall at Lehman College
Address: 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West Bronx, New York 10468
Tickets: $40, $35, $25 & Children 12 & under $10 any seat

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