World renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado opens this Saturday, April 1st, his second solo exhibition at Sundaram Tagore Gallery (Chelsea). The show brings a selection of his epic series on Kuwait, shot in 1991, as the Gulf War drew to a close.  The images bear witness to one of the worst man made environmental disasters in history as, in an attempt to destroy the region’s most precious natural resource, the defeated Iraqi dictator,  Saddam Hussein,  ordered his retreating military forces to ignite hundreds of Kuwait’s oil wells.  The series first appeared at the New York Times Magazine in 1991 and is considered one of Salgado’s most compelling and courageous body of work, since he photographed under life threatening circumstances. In conjunction with this exhibition, images from Genesis (2004-2011), Salgado’s  work on the world’s pristine places, and other photographs will be on view.

Where: Sundaram Tagore Gallery (Chelsea)

When: April 1st – April 29

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