Hélio Oiticia, Grupo Frente 23, 1955

New York galleries and museums have been devoting increased attention to the often overlooked contributions of Latin American artists, especially Brazilians, to twentieth century art.  It is against this background that Galerie Lelong  opens this Thursday, June 22nd,  the first in depth U.S.  exhibition of Grupo Frente, the historic Rio de Janeiro-based abstractionist art group.

Although short-lived, Grupo Frente  (1954-1956)  had a profound impact on the arts and various artists  in the group went on to pioneer significant visual movements. They were bounded by a common interest to develop a unique approach to art, one that emphasizes experimentation while maintaining a commitment to research.

The exhibition includes works by its founder, Ivan Serpa, an emerging abstract painter and art educator, and the renowned artists Lygia Clark, Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Pape, whose innovative studies of line, form and color were fundamental to the formation, years later, of the Neo-Concrete movement.  Abraham Palatnik, also represented in the exhibition, pioneered another significant visual movement called kinetic art, consisting of investigations of light, mobility and technology. Besides leading art world figures, the exhibition will also shed light on lesser known members , such as Aluísio Carvão, João José Costa, Rubem Ludolf, César Oiticica and Décio Vieira.

It’s a unique time to have a collective show focused on Grupo Frente, since many of its artists are having solo institutional exhibitions in New York this summer. While Lygia Pape is having a retrospective at Met Breuer and Lygia Clark’s early works are on view at Luring Augustine, a much awaited retrospective on Hélio Oiticica will open at the Whitney Museum of American Art in mid-July.


What: Exhibition “Grupo Frente”

Where: Galerie Lelong (Manhattan)

When: June 22 – August 5

More Info: http://www.galerielelong.com/exhibitions/thematic-exhibition16


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