Mira Schendel has a new exhibition in NYC

Series “Sarrafos”

Series “Black and White”

The attempt to reconcile the practices of painting and sculpture is the motivation behind Mira Schendel’s exhibition “Sarrafos and Black and White Works”, on view through October 21st at Hauser & Wirth’s gallery . These are the last two series in Schendel’s career, a Swiss born abstract artist who resided in Brazil most of her life and is considered a seminal figure of Latin American modern art.

The “Sarrafos” (1987) are white tempera panels intersected by a single angled black bar that invades the physical space of the viewer. They were considered her first successful attempt at ‘aggressiveness,’ which she attributed to the impact of the military rule in Brazil. According to Schendel, “Sarrafos constitute a reaction to the standstill situation of the moment.

Developed from 1985 through 1987, “Black and White” are tempera and gesso paintings that appear at a distance to be flat panels punctuated by painted arcs and lines. But closer inspection reveals slight variations of texture that cast shadows and form subtle sculptural reliefs.


What: Mira Schendel “Sarrafos and Black and White Works”
 Where: Hauser & Wirth  Gallery New York, 69th Street (Manhattan)
When:  September 7 – October 21.

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